Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

Little Hovel My Handmade at Ramadhan

Hi guys, at this Ramadhan to fill my days I often doing some things and activities to make my Ramadhan more meaningful and advantageous.

On campus, I became committee OSMARU Engineering Faculty Sebelas Maret University. On my boarding house, I spend my time to read Alquran, novel, and other book.
I do my report tasks. Wow...very saturate. But, that's my task, my responsibility. So, I must finish it. Although laborious. This is a studying process.

To make my days not monotonous I try to make an opus, a handmade. What is it? Do you know? A little hovel. Yes a little hovel. I am inspirated from hovel on field. Why I make it? Cause I'm a civil-man, I want to try how make a building. From zero to hero, I mean from miniature to be a big majestic building.

This is it a little hovel my handmade at Ramadhan.
I make it with ice cream sticks. I buy on Gramedia book store. 2 packs was still remaining. A day I finished my opus. 

I intend my opus I'll give to my someone who has birthday. My plan, if it was finished I'll send to my friend who has birthday. But, cause I don't know her address and my friend don't give address, eventually I plan to give it if I go home. Maybe last mounth of Ramadhan.

I hope this is a little hovel, can be gift to you. I don't mean I need a reward of this. No no no I just give a gift on your birthday. So, please don't think somethings about me and you. Oke.

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